Apply for a scholarship if you’re tight on cash

Photo by Amanda Dedicatoria
UOG offers a number of scholarships to students.

For many students, paying for school can be an unpleasant experience. Bank accounts containing money earned from months of work are bled dry, shoulders bump against other shoulders in the financial aid office while everyone is trying to fill in colored sheets of paper and worrying about whether or not their grant money came in. There are loans to take out, far-off offices to walk to, and deadlines to meet. It can be a hectic and expensive activity.

But according to the Director of Financial Aid Mark Duarte, students have another option that they can consider: scholarships.

“I think the reason why a lot of people don’t apply to scholarships is because they’re intimidated by the application requirements,” Duarte said. “But they’re normally minimal. You just got to have a certain GPA, some letters of recommendation, and sometimes an essay.”

Duarte said that he urges students to apply for as many scholarships as they can, no matter how much money is being offered.

“It’s money you didn’t already have,” he said. “You can use it for books or tuition.”

Duarte encourages students to look through the Scholarships page on the UOG website to check out the scholarships that are being offered. Because some scholarships are offered at certain times of the year, the page is updated rather frequently.

“You really have nothing to lose,” Duarte remarked about applying. “Even if you didn’t get the scholarship, it’s not a big loss. But if you do, the rewards you get help you with your future. You’ll never know if you don’t try.”

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