Beat The Heat With Underwood A Success

Photo courtesy of UOG Marketing


By David Borja


For the first time, UOG president Dr. Robert Underwood held “Beat The Heat,” a meet and greet with the entire campus held in the School of Public Business and Administration Atrium.


The students who attended the event received free giveaways, like free Pacific Island Mangge’ Popsicles, Triton Apparel shirts and fans.


“President Underwood wanted to host an event this semester to interact and meet our students in an informal setting, just to relax and to just really talk with students”,” said Jonas Macapinlac, UOG director of Integrated Marketing. Macapinlac also said students were welcome to ask any campus- related questions directed to Underwood.


One question that was brought up regarded plans for the construction of a new School of Engineering. As of now, students who are interested in this field on campus can only declare pre-engineering and are encouraged to finish their final two years of undergraduate studies abroad.


“We’ve announced that we are building the new School for Engineering, as well a new student services center. We’re hoping to break ground (on the School of Engineering) some time within the next few weeks actually,” Macapinlac stated.


Matt Miguel, a third-year student, was pleased with the outcome of the event.


“It was nice to see all of our student body voice their concerns and what they thought was good with the programs,” Miguel said. “It also didn’t hurt that they gave away free Mangge’ Pops.”


Although some attendees were pleased with the plan to construct new buildings, one of the concerns  were brought up was the potential that there would not be enough parking spaces to accommodate a larger influx of students.


“Parking is always a concern and the new school will take additional slots but with combination of the overflow parking and planning of alternate parking is still enough space to include all the students and faculty”,” said Macapinlac said.


Other issues that were covered included campus security and the possibility of hiring of a new nurse.


“Although there is currently no nurse on campus, we are looking into contracting with local health service providers such as clinic or urgent health care center to help fill this need ”, Macapinlac said.


As previously mentioned, the event also gave the first 50 students early access to the Triton’s Online Store to grab clothing made in partnership with Hafaloha. Students are urged to lookout for similar events coming in the next months.

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