CNAS inspires a multi-disciplinary approach regarding assessment

Attendees of the forum ask questions to panelists from the CNAS department. Photo by Shannon Ada

The College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CNAS) hosted an assessment forum at the Science building on Nov. 17.

The purpose of the forum was for the CNAS faculty to present their assessment methods to other colleges and use a multi-disciplinary approach to exchange ideas in order to improve programs at the University.

According to Maika Vuki, Ph.D., professor of Chemistry and chair of the event, this is the department’s second assessment forum. The first was in 2015 and was focused on aligning the math content with other science courses.

Alicia Aguon, Ph.D., interim associate dean of CNAS, gave the opening remarks.

“[The assessment helps us] know what we’re teaching, what works, how it works, and what we can improve,” Aguon said.

Deborah Leon Guerrero, chair of the University Assessment Committee, presented on institutional assessment as a whole.

Leslie Aquino, Ph.D., professor of Math, gave an update on the implementation of assessment of quantitative reasoning across the University.

“It is important to share results across to other colleges and departments so we can see what tools and methods are being used by others while we garner feedback on our own assessment methods,” said Aquino.

The CNAS departments assessed different areas and classes that aligned with program learning outcomes of their specific field.

The Biology program assessed their capstone course and the Chemistry department assessed the students’ laboratory skills.

Panel speakers also shared their different assessment methods tools, including standardized tests and the TracDat software.

“We would like to stage such an event every two or three years. It is a useful avenue to engage with other faculty and also other colleges. This year was the first time we invited a guest speaker from [another] college, CLASS, to present,” Vuki said.

According to their Moodle page, one of the CNAS Assessment Committee goals is to “share survey and assessment outcome among the CNAS community and UOG.” The assessment forum encouraged UOG faculty members to attend to serve that purpose.

Their Moodle page also states the forum objectives, which include fostering a multi-disciplinary approach and collaborating towards assessment work, facilitating the exchange of ideas to improve assessment in CNAS and UOG, and encouraging all faculties to engage in assessment in their courses.

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