Creativity and Choreography: A Look into GDC’s Frightmare

"Fright Club" by the GDC Teens. Photo Courtesy of Keanno Fausto.

TAMUNING, Guam — On Oct. 21 and 22, the Guam Dance Community changed up the island’s dance scene and took to the stage with their very first Halloween-themed dance production, Frightmare.

The Tamuning-based dance company presented intricate concert pieces that featured different Halloween themes, from scary movies to iconic horror characters.

“This is Halloween” by GDC company. Photo Courtesy of Keanno Fausto.

Most of the dancers featured in the show are prime members of the group, but a huge part of GDC’s vision is to inspire all dancers on the island.

Their production also featured numbers from high school dance clubs, such as JFK, St. Paul and Guahan Academy Charter School.

Frightmare consisted of Act I and II, each showcasing creative dance pieces that told a spooky story, keeping audience members on their toes.

Act II’s “Briarcliff” was the fan favorite of Kayla Eata, a former GDC member who watched both shows. “Briarcliff” presents the story of a young man as he’s admitted into an asylum and the ominous events that follow.

“The theme that they were trying to execute was portrayed really well,” Eata said. “[It] was really enjoyable.”

“Hocus Pocus” by the Sanderson Sisters. Photo Courtesy of Keanno Fausto.

Another dance number that had the audience cheering was “Hocus Pocus,” a take on the popular Disney film featuring GDC’s own version of the Sanderson Sisters. Not only were the dancers’ costumes and makeup up to par, their performance was just as comedic and entertaining.

Michelle Mafnas, a GDC member and choreographer, said one of her favorite numbers was “The Coven,” which she said was technically challenging for some of the dancers.

“A lot of our dancers are hip-hop based,” Mafnas said. “It was really interesting to see everyone do something that was really out of their realm.”

As one of the choreographers, Mafnas said she can tell that this concert really helped the dancers showcase their strengths and overcome their weaknesses, and allowed everyone to grow and expand their horizons.

“The Coven.” Photo courtesy of Keanno Fausto.

Mafnas also mentioned that the pre-production phase of the performance challenged her creative side.

“Hearing that a lot of people understood the storyline and enjoyed the numbers — it was really different and really exciting for me,” said Mafnas, as she explained the creative process. “It inspired me to do more and push my limits.”

“Fright Club” and “The Purge” were two perfect examples of GDC’s creativity in motion.

“Fright Club” followed the GDC teen members as they journeyed through a slumber party gone haywire. The dance number featured horror characters, such as Freddy and Jason. “The Purge” featured GDC adult members dressed as characters from the famous movie series.

Not only did the group manage to entertain the audience with their dance moves and storylines, but they also executed a great amount of thrill.

When asked if she would watch another show by GDC, Eata agreed in a heartbeat. “This group never disappoints when they perform because they always bring it.”

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