Designer hopes to bring brighter colors to local fashion scene

Coen Clement stands near a projection during the launch of Loveclub's pop-up shop on Oct. 1.

On Oct. 1, University of Guam junior Coen Clement unveiled his fashion brand Loveclub. The clothing label is his contribution towards attaining a more prolific fashion enterprise on Guam.

Born and raised on island, Clement spent most of 2016 designing various contemporary pieces, from tote bags to hoodies, for Loveclub. He released the collection through a pop-up shop and web store but hopes to launch a flagship establishment soon.

His designs incorporate elements of his personal wardrobe with hints of streetwear couture, which characterizes the style of most his customers.

 | Courtesy of Coen Clement

Clement, 22, poses for a portrait during a photo shoot for Loveclub.

Clement’s primary focus lies in creating gender-neutral apparel. He cites his vision of building a safe space for his customers to freely express themselves as an inspiration for the brand’s inception.

“Loveclub is having people be comfortable with themselves and with the clothes they wear,” he said. “I guess that’s a bigger picture after creating clothes is creating people to be more open-minded and love their selves.”

With no formal training in fashion design, Clement took it upon himself to develop his brand from scratch.

He said he approaches the design process with a multidisciplinary mindset, often taking on multiple roles as a graphic artist, creative director, photographer and web designer.

In addition to having technical knowledge about clothing construction, developing fashion merchandise requires skills in interpersonal communication and marketing, Clement said.

He attributes his comprehension of entrepreneurial affairs to his business education at the University of Guam and his membership in Dreamstorm Unlimited, a local media production company.

 | Courtesy of Coen Clement

A screenshot of Loveclub’s web store, featuring one of Clement’s designs.


Clement said having access to a network of professionals in the island community has helped him in streamlining the distribution of Loveclub products.

Since most of his work is done locally, he is also determined to correct the misconception that Guam does not have the resources available for fashion designers and other creators to succeed.

“If you really, just like, open your mind and open your eyes to find the resources you need, it doesn’t make anything different,” Clement said.

Impressed by the sudden growth of the fashion community on Guam, Clement urges aspiring designers to pursue their craft as full-time careers regardless of their personal impediments.

“It’s a whole new, fresh feel going,” he said. “Dreams are more tangible now.”

Clement ultimately intends to establish a nonprofit platform that assists prospective fashion designers in bringing their artistic visions to fruition.

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