GuamTemps gives tips for job interviews

University of Guam students gathered in the RFK Library on Nov. 21 to gain knowledge about the dos and don’ts of a job interview.

GuamTemps Employment Services recruiting manager Rose Songsong and administrative assistant Christie Pangelinan gave a presentation that outlined how job seekers should act during an interview and what it is that employers look for in potential hires.

Songsong and Pangelinan stressed the importance of first impressions and preparedness. They provided students with a checklist of what to keep in mind when interviewers ask interviewees to tell them a little about themselves.

These tips include keeping it professional, refraining from volunteering personal information, highlighting previous work experience and educational accomplishments, tailoring answers, studying the job description before the interview and answering in chronological order.

“It’s all about first impressions,” Pangelinan said. “The recruiters do message me and tell me how they [interviewees] are when they first come in so it is one of the important things when you first enter into an interview.”

The first impression does not begin with the interview itself, however, according to Songsong.

In an environment where it is seemingly normal to pass the time by browsing through one’s mobile phone, Songsong stressed that while waiting to be seen by one’s interviewer, it is best that he or she waits patiently and attentively to be called with the phone stowed away.

“I have tried to initiate an interview when, as I walked out, that candidate was on their phone. For me to wait for them [to put their phone away] I feel is unprofessional. If it were myself going to an interview, I wouldn’t have my phone on. I’d be sitting there waiting,” Songsong said.

Good first impressions can also be made by picking up application forms when the establishment first opens, according to Songsong, as it shows employers that job seekers are eager for the job. She also emphasized the importance of appearance.

“I’m the person who comes in, even just to get an application, in business attire,” Songsong said.

As a mock interview exercise, Songsong and Pangelinan asked

After the discussion, Sonsong and Pangelinan underlined the need to provide solutions to weaknesses to demonstrate to employers one’s ability to overcome obstacles.

GuamTemps has been helping people and businesses succeed in the workplace for over 25 years. In addition to interview tips, students can contact them for resume-building assistance. If interested, you may reach GuamTemps at 646-3541 or at

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