Life Before Grad as a Student Actress

    Hannah Elmore, a University of Guam undergraduate majoring in Theatre with an emphasis in acting is on her way to graduation and has big hopes of what is to come in her future.

    She is currently enrolled in four classes, which includes a directing class that involves her taking on a role as a director.

    In her daily routine, Elmore states that it depends on what she is doing for the day that will determine what she is going to be doing.

    Elmore states that depending on the classes she has, she switches into different modes to fit her current situation.

    She is currently a teaching assistant for introductory theatre course and is heavily involved in the theatre program, participating in plays and assisting in the preparation of shows.

    Her daily usually consists of rehearsals, classes, and homework. Elmore stated that, “The courses that I am taking are extremely tedious.”

    Elmore said she wished she had hobbies that she can talk about.

    “I am the most boring person you will ever meet,” Elmore said. She does not partake in any other extra curricular activities other than what she is involved in the theatre. If she is not at school or at the theatre, she is usually at home watching Netflix or sleeping.

    After she graduates in Spring 2018, Elmore hopes to pursue a graduate degree.

    She is still debating whether or not to go straight into grad school or to take a year off to become more financially stable.

    Elmore said her first love and passion was acting and acting for the stage.

    “There is something about interacting with an audience that I love and the fact that you have to adapt when something goes wrong is what I love about it the most,” Elmore said. 

    She has found an interest in directing, but still prioritizes her main focus on becoming an actress.

    Elmore expressed the importance of never losing sight of her devotion to her work. She also stated that her family is a big importance in her life.

    She said it is unfortunate at times when she does not get to spend time with her family due to her work, but she always makes it a point after she completes her work to be with her family.

    “They mean so much to me,” Elmore stated.

    The most memorable experiences Elmore has had during her undergraduate years at the UOG is participating in a role for the Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike play showcased in the Fine Arts Building.

    She stated that each show, she has discovered a part of herself. “It was one of my toughest roles partaking in the Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike play.

    There was a lot of self discovery,” Elmore stated. She goes on by stating that it is the people that she has met here at UOG that have such heart for school, learning and for theatre.

    There will be another showcase coming up later this fall which consists of student directed one acts. Elmore will be one of nine directors involved in the plays. Her team will be holding auditions soon.

    Elmore stated that it is her genuine love for theatre that keeps her motivated to keep going.

    “Theatre has been very therapeutic for me,” Elmore said. “It is cathartic, releasing certain emotions when you are performing that helps me cope.”.

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