Life as a Student Athlete

Photo Courtesy of the UOG Facebook page.

DEDEDO, Guam – October 2017 – Being a student athlete might be tough, but players like Ryan Nangauta prove that it could still be done.

Nangauta, 25, is a Talofofo resident and a first-year student at the UOG. Since Spring 2017, he has been a member of the UOG Tritons Basketball team.

Nangauta started playing football when he was in grade school. When it hit summer time, however, the sport was no longer offered. This is when Nangauta was introduced to basketball. He began playing at the age of 10, but officially joined a school team when he was in tenth grade at Southern High School.

Other than being a full-time student at UOG and a member of the Tritons Basketball team, Nangauta also works as a security officer for the Baldyga Group.

“That’s all it comes down to – it’s time management,” said Nangauta, when asked about how he prioritizes all of his responsibilities. “Knowing what’s more important than anything else.” He has come to understand the importance of establishing long term goals.

Since he became a student athlete, Nangauta has learned how to properly take care of himself and his body. He makes sure he has enough energy to study and finish homework after basketball practice.

Although he has yet to declare a major, he is leaning towards an undergraduate degree in Physical Education or Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition. He aspires to become a personal trainer one day.

Nangauta hopes his college education will provide a better outlet for his future self and ensure his financial stability.

His biggest inspiration is his mom because she was able to achieve success despite several obstacles. Nangauta is the second youngest of four children. His mother started their family at a young age, but still obtained her GED and eventually received her Master’s degree.

Nangauta believes that all of these struggles will soon pay off.

“I worked hard for everything that’s coming my way,” Nangauta said. “Everything that I’m getting – know that it’s not all handed to me.”

Outside of his hectic schedule, he spends his spare time working out at the gym and perfecting his craft, or relaxing and playing video games. His favorite video game is currently 2K18.

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