Micronesian Resource Center

The Micronesian Resource Center is a one-stop-center where newly arrived migrants from the Federated States of Micronesia can receive assistance in adjusting to their new life here on Guam.

Located next to St. Francis church in Yona, this non-profit organization is a special project of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam.

The MRCOSS staff are friendly multilingual caseworkers assist clients by providing them with resourceful information about living on Guam. They are also capable of assisting with referrals to various programs and services.

This non-profit organization offers assistance with applications for local government agencies and other non-profit organizations to increase awareness for services and address the needs of any immigrants settling on Guam.

MRCOSS offers newly migrants a variety of workshops, which include the Welcome to Guam Orientation Workshop, Resume Writing Workshops, Parenting Workshop, and other workshops that would benefit migrants living in Guam.

“MRCOSS has been a great source of assistance for the Federated States of Micronesian community,” said Willenda Billlimon a retired caseworker and multicultural mediator. “We’ve done services that helped gain some of their benefits in transitioning to the Guam lifestyle.”

MRCOSS’s workshops have been successful by aiding to the immigrant’s needs. Their clients do find it beneficial to their needs.

“I appreciate all the help and assistance I got from the Micronesian Resource Center for helping me get my drivers license,” said Elias David a transfer student from the College of Micronesia to the University of Guam. “They helped me through all the paper work process and even helped out by providing a study guide for the test.”

“Transportation can be a problem here on Guam. However, we are fortunate enough to have a mobile office,” said Edimund Wengu a caseworker for MRCOSS.

The MIA van is equipped with a free Wi-Fi and printers. It serves a great purpose towards the organization, having to go to places to accommodate those that don’t have transportation.

Rather than coming to MRCOSS office located in Yona, the service goes to their client’s front doors.

Edimund Wengu explained how the organization has diversified the types of services they offer.

“The Micronesian Resource Center continues to improve with integration and collaboration with other social services and government projects,” Wengu said.

The collaboration involves participating in committees and other government projects.

Their staff continues to participate in the Safe Housing Task Force initiated by the Governor’s Office to improve safety and assess the needs of residents of the Harmon Hemlani Apartment neighborhood.

“ We’ve evolved as a non-profit organization by expanding our partnership to not only local agencies but to other local governments outside Guam,” Wengu said. “For instance, MRCOSS started working with one of the Chuuk Legal Service staff for clients’ documentations needed.” .

MRCOSS still continues to offer their services to migrants and other clients who need assistance in any way.

Whether is for parenting workshops, resume writing and welcome to Guam orientation, they are more than willing to help.

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