UOG Science Clubs Hold Haunted House to Raise Funds For Future Events

MANGILAO, Guam-Oct. 21, 2017 – The Biological Science Club and Chemistry Club joined forces to produce their annual haunted house experience, The Haunting, at the University of Guam Science Building to help raise funds for future science events.

Carla Dizon, president of the Biological Science Club, explained that the funds raised from this event will go to helping with costs for future events. “Charter Day, our Thanksgiving, but also our secretary wanted to do a bio cleanup of the science building, and upgrading our lobby.”

Dizon also said the club is looking at doing some charity fundraiser and the funds will go to off-setting those costs.

Epoch Shin, the current president of the UOG Chemistry Club, said what some of the funds will go to, “One annual event that we always do, which is a titration competition and typically the funds are used to minimize the cost. Also we are starting to do an outreach program for high schoolers to do a chemistry demonstration.”

Admission into the haunted house was $7, and it ran for two days.

In the past, the Biological Science Club would hold this annual haunted house event, but this year marks the first time the UOG Chemistry Club joined in for the Halloween event, to improve the UOG science community.

Both presidents gave details into the scares of the haunted house. They included a clown, a graveyard, an investigation room, torture rooms, hospital rooms and a haunted lab.

“We tried our best to avoid [the rooms] being to similar to each other and provide more variety of experiences for the audience,” Shin explained.

More than 50 people stood in line an hour before the haunted house doors opened with more filing in. University of Guam communications student, Sophia Madlambayan, attended the haunted house event for the third time. She said all three haunted house events were consistently good and this years event was more interactive.

Madlambayan compared her past haunted house experiences to this year’s saying, this haunted house event made she and her group crawl around and that there was even a Pennywise, the clown from the recent horror remake of the movie, “It,” following them around.

More information about the Biological Science Club can be found on their Instagram page at uguambioclub or on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/UOGBiologicalSciencesClub/.

For more information about the Guam Chemistry Club, you can contact the group by email at uogchemclub671@gmail.com.

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