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Company logo. Photo courtesy of DKSH.

HARMON, GU–Angel Mendoza has come to call the world of retail his forte. Having served 22 years in the industry, Mendoza is currently the president and general manager of DKSH Micronesia (formerly known as Caronel), a company that specializes in selling luxury items such as timepieces, having started the company in 1995.

His overall experience in the retail industry dates back much further. Prior to DKSH, Mendoza worked for 16 years at Duty Free Shoppers. Afterward, he worked at Esso Eastern (which later became Exxon) for two years.

“When I became president and general manager of this company (Caronel) in 1998 and 1999, I was the first local, non-expat, managing director of an international company,” Mendoza said. “I think that was very special, becoming that.”

Mendoza graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a minor in economics, but admitted that, “My big interest was in behavioral science… where you have to take a look at who you’re talking to, body language, their culture, their background, what they’re thinking. It will help you dramatically in your career.”

For Mendoza, maintaining company morale is paramount.  He explained that emphasizing on the positives and being able to improve is the key to maintaining a healthy work environment.

When asked about his  leadership style, Mendoza said, “I think I’m very firm, but I have a soft heart.”

He explained that when performance issues arise with his sub, his approach is to address and correct them as soon as possible.

Currently, Mendoza is in charge of overseeing five stores in Guam and one in Saipan. In addition to maintaining business affairs, Mendoza added that contribution to the community is another one of the DKSH’s key initiatives, stating that they work diligently, both independently and in collaboration with other businesses, to contribute to various non-profit organizations and associations.

In terms of future plans, Mendoza explained that the overall plan is to diversify and incorporate products outside of luxury items. He further added that the company seeks to look outside of their current brands and products in an effort to maximize and utilize DKSH’s current infrastructure.

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