Men’s Basketball team excels with off-island recruits

The University of Guam Men’s basketball team retained their undefeated streak when they won against MacTech at Triton Night on Oct. 27, 2017. The Triton Night event served as a kickoff for the UOG Men’s Basketball League. 

UOG ended the game with a 47 point lead and maintained a 10 to 15 point lead during all of the game’s quarters. 

The team’s victory was due in part to the addition of the new off-island recruits. 

The University of Guam’s Athletic department, known as Triton Athletic’s, made it their goal this year to sign Basketball players from off island to play for the team. 

Geno Anderson, who plays Point Guard and Shooting Guard, has never experienced playing for an off-island team. Anderson originally has family from Guam and decided to come here to get in touch with his roots. 

He says “I love the atmosphere here. My team’s dynamic is good and we’re like a family/brother hood.” Anderson is currently taking on his Bachelor’s in Communications here at UOG. His future goals are “to win the GBA championship, go off-island and play some big competition and put UOG on the map for basketball.”

Anderson’s cousin, Blake Jenkins, decided to follow him and indulge in the same recruitment program. His position on the team is forward and is also enrolled in the graduate program here at UOG, working towards his masters in Counseling.

When asked about his first time experiences on Guam he says, “Everyone I’ve encountered has welcomed me with open arms. My team always helps me feel at home.” Jenkins also added his future goals saying, “We’re going to try and go undefeated and of course become Champions.” 

He also wishes to “finish the graduate program strong and hopefully play Professional basketball in the future”.

Another recruit named A.J Brown also shares similar thoughts. Brown was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and is a Physical Education major at UOG. He plays small forward on the team. 

“People on this island are very welcoming. I appreciate my Coach and teammates who push me to do better every day and to get to the next level.” When asked about how he came across the recruitment opportunity he stated, ”I was looking for a new beginning and what better way than to come to Guam!” 

Brown’s future goals include, “to get better at basketball, represent Guam and UOG and hopefully go professional.”

The off-island recruits are a great edition to the already strong Basketball team here at the University of Guam. So far, the team remains undefeated and will stop at nothing to earn that GBA title. They are extremely excited to put on a show for everybody and to make the University proud! Upcoming games, events, and other Triton Athletic’s information can be found at

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