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Founded by Leonard J. Smith in 1948, the collegiate chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management, or SHRM for short, is a nationally known student organization that promotes knowledge and understanding of Human Resource practices.

The collegiate Guam Chapter of SHRM was founded at the University of Guam in 1997. Since then, the UOG collegiate chapter of SHRM has provided multiple opportunities for its members to gain new connections, new resources, and new experiences.

“We are a nationally recognized student chapter, and we also receive superior merit awards,”said Chelsea Shimizu, the president of the UOG collegiate chapter of SHRM. “SHRM provides resources for our members to gain experience network with professionals, and provide leadership opportunities.” 

SHRM’s mission is to build and sustain partnerships with human resource professionals, media, governmental and non-governmental organizations, businesses, and academic institutions.

SHRM allows its members to connect with big companies on island such as GTA, Docomo, Coast 360, and many Human Resource offices in Tumon. These opportunities serve as a major Kickstarter to a member’s career. SHRM members are very committed to the origanization as they are willing to contribute inside and outside of the Organization.

SHRM seeks to address people management challenges that influence the effectiveness and sustainability of their organizations and communities.

The nationally known, and award winning, organization not only provides for its members but it also gives back to the community.

With some help of outside organizations, SHRM is able to host its annual 5Ks, donate resources, and hold in-school bake sales.

SHRM also offers $50,000 in scholarships annually.

To ensure SHRM’s success within it members the organization goes by a point system. Each event, such as SHRM meetings, are worth a specific amount of points. Active SHRM members must acquire 150 points within the semester. If a member acquires 300 points he, or she, may acquire a SHRM sash for graduation.

“If you want to start building up your professional image, meet new people for job opportunities, or just have fun while you’re in college SHRM is a good organization to join,” said SHRM member Celine Comia. 

Being the SHRM president is no easy task.

“Being the SHRM president is challenging but rewarding just knowing all the accomplishments we have made this semester,” Shimizu said.

For more information on membership to SHRM visit the collegiate chapter website at

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