Residence Life’s Tumon Trip


The UOG Residence Life Office hosted their first Tumon trip for students residing in the dorms on Saturday, Oct.21. Bus services were provided to accommodate students to Tumon and back to the dorms.

Unlike any typical field trip, the Residence Life Offices strives to organize beneficial and pleasing events for their students.

These off-campus enrichment activities are for the dorm residents to relieve tension after a long week of midterms. This is an event where students get to explore a night of campus on Tumon strip. Residents can choose whether to shop, eat-out or just enjoy a pleasant night off campus.

At approximately 7:30 p.m., all the students assembled at Iya-hami building where the Residence Life Office is located to complete waiver forms prior to boarding the bus.

At 8 p.m., the buses departed from the dorms and dropped off the students in Tumon at The Sling Shot.

Residents had all the time to explore around Tumon until 12 a.m., which is the pick up time.

Residents appreciated the trip and hoped to have more similar activities in the future like this one.

“It was great, hope everythingh went well so we can do this more often” said Harley Edeluchel, Jr., a resident assistant.

“I had fun with my fellow dorm family just hanging out around the tumon strip,” said Harvey Jonas, a freshmen and new resident.

It was a successful event where students enjoyed their own personal time in Tumon. It is a good college experience having students unwind and relieve stress off campus after a long week of classes especially during the month of midterms.

Students went shopping at the ABC store in Tumon, some ate out, and others took the opportunity to enjoy the night in Tumon.

“Most residents don’t have access to  transportation, so we took the privilege to just go and have fun,” said Mchiver Williams, a resident at the dorms.

“I was fortunate to be a part of this event, having to spend quality time with my dorm friends,” said Wilson Billimon, a UOG student.

Jonathan Triplett, the director of the Residence Life Office wants to keep hosting these types of trip for students to enjoy some off campus experiences rather than being stuck on campus.

After months of preparations, making sure everything was all set. The Residence Life Office was delighted to have hosted this event, with positive feedback from students.

For more information on future trips, please contact the Residence Life Office (671) 735-2260 or


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