Senator Louise Borja Muña: A working mom for Guam

HAGATNA, GU—Prior to running for office, Senator Louisa Borja Muña exhibited a strong passion for helping Guam residents in regards to their health.

Officially, she is a senator of the 34th Guam Legislature. Unofficially, she says she is many other things: a group exercise certified instructor, a performing singer, and a mother.

For over 20 years, she has led exercise classes for those looking to get into good physical shape.

As a former radio personality, she hosted the program, “My Story,” which highlighted the struggles of cancer survivors. On a personal note, Muña’s father passed away from complications with diabetes and her mother lives with cancer.

“I started to realize what a big problem that [cancer] was on Guam and how people needed to be helped and that was my main motivation,” Muña said.

These health-related focuses were the key factors that compelled Muña’s decision to run for the Guam legislature.

Muña’s cancer mission has speedily been carried out through new laws that ensure health insurance coverage for prostate, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings, and the granting of administrative leave to employees of the government of Guam for the purpose of donating organs, tissue, or bone marrow.

However, Muña did not always see her life taking the political route.

When first approached to run for a legislative seat, Muña had no previous experience in politics. Her supporters told her this could be an advantage—being a political outsider made her a representation of the average working class people who want their voices to be heard.

She adopted the campaign slogan “A Working Mom,” which was displayed on billboards all over the island. Muña seeks to focus on more legislation that would help working families.

“I think that touched a lot of people personally,” she said. She feels that being able to relate to the public establishes a foundation of trust between herself and the people she represents through her legislation.

As a “working mom,” family is of the utmost importance to Muña. What she refers to as her “de-stressor” entails going to the movie theater with her son, where they spend quality time together.

Muña also enjoys singing, a hobby she has held on to since her teen years. She regularly performs on Friday evenings at the Point lounge at the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort.

Yet Muña still has goals to achieve.

Since being elected to office, Muña continues to pursue her many interests. Muña’s outlook is an empowering one: “If it doesn’t interfere with what I do as a senator, then why not?”

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