UOG employee to create her first solo art exhibit

Left: Hand-made rag dolls including the Koko bird. Right: "Koko Maiden" Photo courtesy of Dorathina Herrero

Dorathina Herrero, mother of five, MARC library technician, and local artist, is set to have a busy year.

Herrero recently received a $3,500 fellowship grant from Guam CAHA to create a solo exhibit in 2018.

Herrero plans to feature her paintings and hand-made rag dolls in the exhibit.

“For my paintings, I just imagine creating this world that my dolls could live in,” Herrero said. “The way I want to exhibit it is sort of like a big pop up book.”

According to their website, Guam CAHA’s programs “include the issuance of grants to individuals and organizations for the perpetuation of the arts and culture of our island.”

Cultural legends, childhood and women inspire Herrero’s art. She has practiced art since she was a little girl and describes it as “ritualistic”.

Herrero spoke of the passion that artists innately have: “That energy has to go somewhere – it’s within you. I put mine out in the world in the form of paintings and dolls.” 

According to Herrero, the dolls represent the importance of childhood and imaginative play. She is fascinated with the legends she heard as a girl. The Koko bird was the inspiration behind the first doll she created and she plans to create a doll inspired by the White Lady. 

Currently, Herrero’s dolls are available at Bonita Baby and the Guam Art Boutique. 

Although always having a passion for art, it took Herrero awhile to decide to pursue it as a career because of the fear of stability. She took a break from school and her art after having her first child.

She struggled to get back into it and credits her parents for supporting and encouraging her.

Herrero received her bachelor’s degree in fine arts — specializing in art at the University of Guam in 2012.

Herrero also works at the MARC to process old and new collections, and assist researchers, students and professors. 

“My strength at the MARC is research. If you need something and you don’t know how to find it, I can help you find it.”

Visit Herrero at the MARC if you need help with an assignment and keep an eye out for her exhibit next year. 

The exact date and location are still unknown, however, you can follow her instagram at @miscmunekas or her blog at https://dorathina.blogspot.com/

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